Since our recent move from our Flinton Farm to a much smaller property in Merrickville (May 2020), our lovely neighbor has provided a wonderful home for our horses that I can visit anytime I like!!

Our Horses

Along with our Newfs we share our lives with another passion...our horses! We started out taking in three rescue horses from Sasha's Legacy ( ) for the winter. What an awesome experience!
Eventually we were able to get some horses of our own and the first to arrive were Zeus and Thor, a Menonite work team that were rescued from meat auction by Save a Draft ( ) and we adopted them from there. They have been together all of their lives, working side by side. I have never seen two horses so bonded and so close. They share the same grain bucket (by choice), the same stall (by choice) and the same soul! Even roaming freely they can often be seen moving in tandem. What a unique experience to able to witness such connectedness!
The very next day Lady came to live with us. She was a 14yr old Percheron in foal to a paint. I knew nothing about birthing foals and honestly, I didn't want to, but I fell in love with this girl as soon as I met her. I was not wrong. She was the best!! Calm and  gentle and happy to be around us. She gave birth to Brio on Jan 7 2006, a happy, healthy, exuberant filly! Her name, Brio, means life, which she is full of! Lady died on April 29 2007. It was devastating. She passed away in the night from unknown causes. She remains in my heart and lives on in her filly!
We needed a good solid riding horse so Norm and I could ride together and that's when we bought Red from a family in Tweed. Red was quite a character. He LOVED trail riding and would often want to go places I was too afraid to go (ie across an iced over pond!!). He was always so curious to see what was next. He also has a mischevious streak and liked to get away with little tricks, but he was really good natured. When Red developed seasmoid bone chips we could no longer ride him. I became aware of a lady whose elderly thoroughbred suddenly died leaving her four yr old all alone. She did not have the means to buy another horse so we gave her Red as a new companion to her 4 yr old. He is a happy horse now, hanging around with his buddy at his new home.