Keiva, our first Newf, and the reason we got into breeding in the first place!
Keiva is from the Surcouf line and there are many 'champions' in her lineage but her temperament is OUTSTANDING. I know Newfs in general are wonderful but this one is realllllly special!! Okay, I'm sure most people feel this way about their beloveds! 

Once we were blessed with Keiva we knew we would never be without a Newf in our lives. So, when her breeder approached us about breeding her back we thought it an awesome idea, a puppy from Keiva!! Keiva had a healthy litter of ten puppies, most appropriately on Valentine's Day 2006, and Keylee was our blessing from that litter. 

Keiva is now happily enjoying retirement and her role as Grama!
Keiva, purest love!
Sept 2001 - April 2012