Addy is our newest and most exciting adventure! She is THEEEE best pup. She is eager to learn and loves her moms ... all three of them  ... Keiva, Keylee and  me!!
She loves the water ... has been swimming with her 'mom's and has even performed inadvertent rescues! She loves to dig - and one day I wouldn't be surpirsed if she were gone - on her way to China. The first day she was here she dug a hole so deep she couldn't get out- we had to help her! She loves the horses and she REALLY loves the cat - however, the cat does not return the affection so she must be reminded to leave her alone!

Addy is coming along beautifully, and very shortly we will begin her health testing. If all goes well, we are planning a breeding for the spring of 2013 - can't wait!!!

Addy is one of the smartest, craftiest dogs I have ever met. I keep (jokingly) threatening to change her name to Marley!! She uses her creativity mostly for good, but on occaision, she has a mischevious streak! For instance, when the girls are outside and they are ready to come in, they will come and sit in front of our living room window, looking in at us and patiently wait til we see them and go let them in. She has already learned that barking doesn't work , so instead, she went back to the porch, picked up a shoe (which she knows she is not allowed to have) brings it back and taps the window with it. As if to say "Hey, look what I got, you better come get me, before I chew a shoe!!!" She is FUNNY!!!